Knex Crossbow

idk its kinda a copy of i guys but idk it can shoot pretty fast cuz it broke mi friends skin but that was wit a certon kind of bulit that i made and i dont no how fwr it shoots but if u find out tell me.

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Step 1: Pices

you will need:
1 rubber band
2 snow flakes
2 gray rods
2 of the other things that look like snow flakes
1 green rod
3 long gray rods
and thats it

Step 2: First Step in Making It

ok first u will need to do the same as the pic.

Step 3: Second Step in Making It

now take that same pice and put the 2 gray rods on it
it will show u ware to put them on in the pic

Step 4: The Next Step

this part isbt really hard u just take the other snow ike thing and just look at the pic

Step 5: Rubber Band Step

in this step u will take the rubber band and put it on the end of each long gray pice and yess it will bend u want that to happen

Step 6: Green Pice Step

next u will take the 2 green pices and put them over the rubber band and on the long grray pices

Step 7: 2 Gray Rods Step

now take the 2 gray rods and put them in the spot on the green pice in the pic

Step 8: Snow Flake Step

in this step u will be taking the 2 snow flakes and be putting them on the bottom of the gray pices.

Step 9: Ok Last Step

now add the last long gray rod on to the snow flakes and u r done.
ooo and the long gray rod is 4 souport

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, that exists, he just chooses not to use it, so this kinda breaks the rules of Instructables, I think


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    "Successful projects on Instructables include:

    - clearly written details of a finished project with instruction
    - as many steps as are necessary to explain your project
    - clear images that you took of your project for most, if not all of your steps
    - an intro image
    - proper spelling and grammar
    - appropriate cautions or safety considerations"


    11 years ago on Introduction

    h di ie kindo a wrd fing dat s n goid cs id ds na tll u hw fr t frs hello this is kind of a wierd instructable that is no good because it does not tell you how far it fires

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