Knex Desert Eagle




About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

a desert eagle i made recently, it is just a model, it does not shoot.
I think it looks good
sadly, it doesn't has a slide

Pic 1: gun at a cool angle
Pic 2: gun, right side
Pic 3: gun, left side
Pic 4: first-person
Pic 5: aimin down sight
pic 6: trigger released
PIc 7: trigger pulled, hammer moves up

tell me what you think, constructive criticism is welcome.

''edit'' : it's now posted !!!!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    hmm, best cool,
    probeer anders de desert eagle na te maken uit Call of Duty modern warfare II

    I think you should lay out the basic shape first with rods. Then fill that in with connectors. I think a white connector magazine for green rods looks the best. For the trigger, try using the trigger SeniorWaffleman uses in his AUG

    his pics were a little blury and i couldnt figure out which step was the trigger so i kinda gave up (no offense waffleman)

    Ok that would be great, but i'm gonna use it on a different gun (scrpion, or a handgun) because my MPL looked like a WRECK, and the trigger mech that i used hasn't been working on any of my guns lately. By the way i'm about to start making your desert eagle =)

    just finished your gun, but i'm gonna have to take it apart to make the gun your showing me the trigger mech for, cause i dont have very many pieces.

    Ok. Sorry, I haven't made the mech yet. It was my birthday today, so I got a lot of family coming etc. I'll make it tomorrow


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I saw your name and I jizzed soooooo many times!!! To top it off, the name that awesome was not wasted. Your work is really cool.

    1 reply

    except i dont really like the
    trigger guard, but its really one of the
    most realistic d-eagles out there.
    gz :D

    1 reply