Knex Fireworks Gun




i just saw some videos of knex guns, that are powered by minbi fire crackers,
and cause i had some of them around and started to built.

picture 1. the easy and cheap knex pyro cracker gun, i know it from here:
just changed the brown parts into yellow ones. if you want an instructable,
you're dumb and will hurt yourself

2 front view ... sorry for picture qality, i just dont believe my camera has 6.1 megapixels

3 top view, just a tip, 10 yellow ones

4 side view...

picture nummmber 5: i built two one of the first just thought the first one could explode, but ... yeah its knex! so my friend and me we shot thirty times or sth like that and ... it was black and smelled like fish! so i gave it to him cause of it was his birthday and had the other one still in pocket, the next day in school i was bored and built this from the parts i had from the second one and some others i found in my school bag...

6 the knex-pyro-cracker-aa-assault-cannon-behind-view
if you just havnt understand how it works click on the first video link

7 bottom view
6.1 megapixles...    yees

8 side view

9 death-view/front-view

aaaaaaaaaaand now::::: the unbelievible:: knex assault cannon with recoil action!

i just took the first one and saw this video:
and just thought: hey! i have no potato cannon around! why not take my super knex knex gun?

and put it together in 20 minutes and... see:

10 the ultmative knex recoil action cannon

11 front view ...

12 easy recoil action

13 the funny back

thx for watching, comment& rate!

ask me for posting instructables, mod how u want,just tell me,
ill made videos of shooting all three



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    24 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    first read, then grump man!

    read the description and waTCH this video:

    4 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you're all so nice to me !

    -work in your brain-
    1. see, new instructables, new guy, nice idea, dumb construction
    2. okaaay lets be unpolite: "hey ya mothefucker.... " aaah no, no as much...
    ...yust make it worse...

    thx guys! really ! how about a good idea to make it better?
    no! yust complaining and unpoliteness...

    "We Have a "be nice" comment policy..."

    why can't there be anyone saying:

    hi , i like this idea, but you didn't build it really good...
    you could for example...
    i would ...

    its my 1st instructable, say me what i have to change but... POLITE

    thx guys


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You act as if it is incredibly dangerous, and a difficult build. This is a pretty horrid build, as when fired there is nothing stopping the recoil from shoving the connectors back. Give the idea to an experienced knexer and then you might get some quality. You get points for the idea, not the build.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i give ya 1 month to build rebuild it with "quality", if you master this, you'll get my respect...