Knex Folding Machine Gun

About: My name is dakota im from the U.S. im a up and coming knexer so yea im 15 im a gun fanatic so if i find a small thing about a gun thats inaccurate that could be better prepare for the blunt truth my favori...

Intro: Knex Folding Machine Gun

well sense i dont have the parts to make any other  fmg's i decided to make my own i know its not the best and im not claiming it to be so yea
edit: highest point so far 4.26 holy crap thats pretty good for a newb



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    HAHAHA!!! Your voice sounds like a seven year olds', and you claim you're 15?!

    i dont have a skype but i bet my friend will let me use his next tie im over to the house next time im there i will send you a message with his skype account