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Introduction: Knex G18

About: i will leave this site so no guns anymore

this is my knex g18



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    yeah the pictures are really nice

    تبأ لك

    That is so true, I've always wanted an airsoft gun, but it would get too expensive for me; I don't have a job.

    Wanting to get rid of M4a1, would you like it?
    Full metal gearbox, trigger, barrel, body and stock.
    Made by G&G.
    Blow back.
    11.6 volt battery.
    Smart charger.


    How much would it be? Does it have a orange barrell? How good is the blow back? How much money do you want for it? Plz awnser my questons and then i will think about it... Oh one more queston, is is in the USA. I live in the us and i need to know if it is shipped over seas.