Knex Game Holder


Introduction: Knex Game Holder

a simple game holder

Step 1: Parts List

3 yellow rods    2 mini greens  Connector's 4 reds   2 orange   2 greys   1 white rod

Step 2: Stand Up

1 yellow rod    2 grey Connector's    2 oranges

Step 3: Going to the Top

2 mini greens,2 reds Connector's

Step 4: The Top

2 reds Connector's  1 white rod 2  yellows rods

Step 5: Your Done




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    19 Discussions

    Oh. NFS is my favorite. -> Hot Pursuit

    Haven't felt like playing video games since, like, January now though... :/

    Same here I feels like forever since I played and is NFS: Hot Pusuit the one with the police cars and stuff :P

    I know I only just realised thank you for your support and faith in me the whole way! Now im just waiting for someone to wake me up to tell me it is a dream :P