Knex War Cannon




Introduction: Knex War Cannon

this is my first Instructable
it shoots up to 165 feet or 50 meters

what you need;

3 red rods
3 blue rods
8 grey rods
25 white rods
26 green rods

3 end connectors
3 yellow connectors
5 red connectors
6 green connectors
7 V connectors
10 snowflakes connectors
8 tanned clips

Step 1: Step 1:

build this

Step 2: Build the Wheel Base

you will need 4 large sized wheels

Step 3: The Cannon

the cannon

Step 4: Put It Together


Step 5: Step 5

shield thingy



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    46 Discussions

    your rediculous you didnt even say the rite number of pieces

    i wish u would make another instructable with this cannon because this one isnt very clear because of its blurry pictures and it would be nice to build it because i love the instructable but i have no way of building it so please make another one. Please and Thank You!