Knex Go Kart Instructions

Introduction: Knex Go Kart Instructions

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i know the instructions are realy short but it is not that hard to build it so enjoy please rate, comment, and subscribe.

Step 1: The Frame of the Kart

this might be a little different to build but it is easy
pic 1 build the frame

Step 2: The Seat

pic 1 build it
pic 2 fold it up

Step 3: Steering

this is just a model it does not realy steer
pic 1 build it

Step 4: Body of the Kart

pic 1 side pods
pic 2 time to start building the nose of the kart
pic 3 cover it up
pic 4 add this piece don't know what it is
pic 5 add a block to the random thing
pic 6 build this
pic 7 put it together with the other piece
pic 8 you will need this piece later

Step 5: Pieces You Will Need Later

pic 1 just get the pieces ready for the last step.

Step 6: Last Step Time to Put It Together

pic 1 putting wheels and motor mount pieces on the frame
pic 2 putting the extra block on the frame for the motor
pic 3 putting the seat in
pic 4 putting the model steering stuff in
pic 5 putting the side pods on
pic 6 putting to nose on the kart
pic 7 this is what it should look like if you put it together right

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Back in my day, Knex and Legos didn't go together.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    LOL. Well in this day and age they do go together.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i will not take it personaly. personaly i don't like them in just got them for my b-day and wanted them used up so i don't get ride of them