K'nex Grenade

Introduction: K'nex Grenade

simple grenade like my other one,bot smaller and more shrapnel added.please rate.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

you will need,

14 green connectors

1 white rod

7 yellow green rods connector thingy(comes with creature value tub)

yellow green eye piece

14 mini green rods

1 white circle

1 navy circle

Step 2: Making the Side(grip)

Give a general description of the Stepconnect two green connectors with a green rod

Step 3: Adding the Shrapnel

add the last of the green rods to one end and the yellow green connector rod thingy's tho the other.depending if you compromised with other pieces,any other ways will work.

Step 4: Connecting the Sides(grips)

slide the sides into the circles.MAKE SURE TO leave the gap in the white circle that lines up with the gap with the navy circle free(open)

Step 5: The Pin

insert the yellow eye piece into the white rod.connect that to the open gap on the white circle.DONE(unles you extend it like in picture, in which you could look at my k'nex frag grenade instructable.)

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