Knex Grenade.




Introduction: Knex Grenade.

This is a knex grenade that has a blast radius of about 10-20ft. its small, compact and uses very little pieces. when you through it, it really packs a punch!


low piece count
very effective
small and compact


takes about 3 minutes to build each one

Step 1: Make the Top and Bottom Parts

make 2 of these

pic 1: top view
pic 2: side view

Step 2: Add Top and Bottom Parts

pic 1: add 8 yellow connectors on one half
pic 2: add them together

Step 3: Add the Red Connectors

pic 1: add red connectors on bottom half
pic 2: add red connectors on top half

Step 4: Your Done!

thank you for building my knex grenade, have much fun with it!



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Good job. I used green connecters instead of purple. It sorta looks like a swing ride and because of it you should call it the "Clown Grenade".

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ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh because airsoft guns are better then knex guns. can u take a look at my instructables.