Knex Gun




Intro: Knex Gun

one of the easiest knex guns to make in the world.

can be strong
strong base
fair amount of pieces

not true trigger
one shot
no mag
not semi automatic
block trigger

Step 1: The Body and Trigger

Yep I said It.

Step 2: Elastics Band Rest

the thing so the elastic bands do not fly off.

Step 3: Scope

the scope is for show can work tho

Step 4: Handle

basic handle

Step 5: Ram Rod

basic ram rod

Step 6: The Bands

you no what I mean

Step 7: Optional

these are recommended

Step 8: Loading and Firing

the gun loads any thing under red rod. the best is green rod.



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    there are hundreds of these kind of guns, known by other names such as "minute knex pistol" or "simple, but powerful" i don't wanna get the list