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Introduction: Knex Gun Accelerator V2

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This is V2 of my Knex gun accelerator. It has a stronger handle and a bullet lock. It has the same range as V1 but it is the next step in getting some thing really good.


no mag

not the best range


bullet lock

stronger handle

Please tell me ways to improve it and make it better.

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    Well this is a great improvement from Accelerator 1! You did a good job improving it! Now as to what you should do next too it is up too you. I'd say start experiment with some magazines (non removable to start) so you can get some more complicated design experience! If not that maybe experimenting with the more efficient slingshot mech.
    Anyway great job on Accelerator 2

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    Now that i have made a gun removable Mag and other more advanced guns I would like to revisit this and make a really good single shoot pistol to put down on my list. do you have any ideas for features or other improvements i can implement in to my New gun?

    Not sure, single shots don't have a lot of features normally and with the compact size I'm assuming your aiming at, there isn't much more you can implement to this next version. However I've been saving this idea in my bag of tricks for awhile now and it could be implemented, so what do you think about a knex holster for a knex gun?

    Sweet! my last word of advice is don't take on multiple concepts at once! I always failed when I did that. lol

    Thanks Yeah this is old stuff so it was not that great but I hope to have some new stuff up soon

    Well if you slanted the handle a bit it would look 100% better and if you tried and played around with some mags it would be great possibly make a oddammo mag good job though

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