Knex Gun Glock/revovler Aka Tr8 Turret and Sliding Action

Atm I don't have a name for this gun, and I'm not really good w/ names so its w/e, but atm I just call it a glock/revovler.

I give credit to Ipod Killer for the basic designs of this gun's handle. I also give him credit for the design of the trigger, I modded it quite a bit to get the results I wanted, since I prefer to use a slide to pull the pin back I had to move certain segments of where Ipod killer's block trigger used to be located and also made it smaller and much easier to fire. I decided to use his design because as I mentioned in the comments it's a much better handle and trigger compared to my previous gun, my old trigger also used a block mechanism, but it was ridiculously unstable and just unreliable altogether so I disregarded it and used this one instead(Ipod Killer's).

Basically this gun is made from 2-3 concepts of various guns. Ipod killer's handle and Killerk's tr8 turret I had previously seen many turrets and decided to change another one of my major design flaws, my concept enabled this gun to get 5-6 shots with a small easy to reload magazine that could only use blue rods, then I tried to apply that same concept to Ipod killer's handle and it was way too sloppy it would just jam in two shots whereas the first would be able to empty just about the whole magazine, so while my new handle created new complications with my magazine I decided to drop the design altogether and went for a tr8 turret which had given me much better results. It was the first time I had used a turret before so I looked at like 3-5 other designs compared em and decided to use this one because it seemed more simplistic, or rather just perfect for my gun in it's second phase it looked like adding a turret to it seemed plausible, so I messed with my design, which meant altering the whole front and mid section of my barrel, I was able to successfully finish this in approximately 5 hours with few difficulties, but I was new to turrets so I tested it for a bit and realized it worked This slightly reduced the power a bit, but it was still a major improvement since I could now empty a whole turret w/o any problems.

I believe the type of slide action mechanism is my own design, I came up w/ a really weak version of it when I first built my concept of a slide action, but it's the same as it was 3-4 years ago(I liked to work on the gun in bursts kinda, I made major upgrades then stopped for a year then got back to it).

I reached this conclusion so far, but it's not 100% complete again, but maybe I'll be able to get it at its best at some point.

With 2 rubber bands(I changed the bands recently for more power) this gun can get about 30-40 feet pointing directly into the sky, I haven't tried too many more at this point, but you could add 4-5 more atm I haven't tried.

The RoF is great can empty the whole turret in about 3-4 seconds.

Since it's also a turret it can fire anything you can put into it.

One of the cons atm that I know of is that the slide can snap, but it's easily fixed by making it more stabilized with black rods I've done this, but its not in the pictures.

And I'm pretty sure you can use Ipod Killer's stock, but I've never tried it w/ this gun, you'd have to mod his stock a little, or create your own, but I think it's better off like this.

If enough people think it's good enough as it is I'll post it regardless of where I'm at w/ its current progress.



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    CrazyGunnerDJ Radio

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm, I guess it looks like it could, but it's never snapped once on me and I've fired it more then 400 times in it's previous form, and about 100-200 more times in this form(trigger was the same mech in the 2nd and 3rd version) and my very first slide action was even worse it was more original, but terrible I used this and it's much better. It could change completely since I'm just on the 3rd stage. It's been very versatile so far I've been able to use the same slide on all the versions, w/o any difficulties, so I kept it while changing up other parts here and there like the handle cuz v1 and v2 used something like a mag which wasn't too reliable. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's gone a long way, if you know any better mechanism or parts that'd work show me some examples if you can.