Knex Gun (just for Looks)

About: i like to play sports and skate board

looks preety cool dont you think :)

its sturdy and preety heavy (kind of)



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hm... Not bad, but if you make a gun that is all about looks, you should make it much more detailed. Here is a tip on how to improve your knex gun: Find some information: It is very useful to know how a real gun works: this way you can add things like safety's, and tactical rails. This is espicially important when making replica's. When making pistols, it might work out better if you start with a 3 layer system, instead of a 5 layer. And also, give the gun a good name, not just "knex gun".

    I hope this information was useful to you. Don't let the critics discourage you, I think you might become a great modeler.

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    thank you tigernod :) i find you tip very usefull and i am try (or attempting) to make a nice little handgun with some features  .  i apreciate the nice comment :) thanks again 
                                                    , deaniscoolproductions :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    if it fired and had a mag, it could be an alrite gun-but it was pointless posting this you need to put some time into your guns m8

    well i could make it a block but i dont want to ..this is just a prototype for looks right now im thinking of putting a ram rod and a true trigger in