Knex Gun of Kewlness This Gun Is Retro!!!





Introduction: Knex Gun of Kewlness This Gun Is Retro!!!

About: My name is Elliott and I play guitar and skate. and I own a website:

this shows pictures of my gatling gun i made which fires 8 piecies in a second

Step 1: Intro

thee picture you see here is of the gun loaded

Step 2: Barrel

this is one of the 8 barrels which makes the gatling gun

Step 3: Firign Mechanism

this is the firing mechanism



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    115 Discussions

    cool gun plz make directions

    every body go see my new gun. just click on my pick and click on my post

    well the pictures are very obvious. and it's an easy gun try using your mind for once.

    that's because people are frigging ignorant and dumb because this I think is one the most reliable knex gatling guns on the site.

    yeah plz make an Instructable iwant to make one really bad