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Introduction: Knex Gun With Magazine

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This is my knex gun that i made.oh ya and this is my first instructable.

Step 1: The Butt

this is the butt pretty easy part

Step 2: Barrel and Magazine

This step might be a little confusing but i think its pretty easy.oh ya and if you already have looswires magazine made it will be easy and i give some credit to loose wire on this part.

Step 3: Side Panels and Pump and Firing Pin

pretty easy step just the side panels and the pump and the firing pin

Step 4: Putting It Together

pic 1: slide the side panel over the magazine

pic 2: connect the side panel to the magazine

pic 3:the rubber bands goes on there

pic 4 : the pump on the firing pin

pic 5:where the rubber bands goes on

pic 6:connect the butt to the barrel and side pannel

Step 5: Rubber Bands

ok i use the thick strecthy kind but you can use what ever you want.

ok first you take the blue rod off the magazine on the side and put the rubber band around the white connectors. next take the butt off. now put the firing pin and pump in the barrel.then put your rubber band around the fring pin.put a second rubber band on the pump and put it around the bottom part of the white connectors.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

first you put the blue rods in the magazine. Then you pull the pump back and put the trigger into place.then just keep repeating.

Step 7: Extra Side Pannels

this step is optional but makes it like unbreakable and makes it looks cooler
sorry for the bad instructions on this step



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    that so is not a p60, so you do not know your guns. Why do you not know your guns or is it your 1st gun you made,and your intructions are not that esay to do if you were about 6-9, but i did find it esay to constuct (sorry about spelling) its not that good but i like the deain.
    is it ment to be a p60 pistal?i made a 4 meter cannon and was really stong and can feir about 60-70 meters.if you want to make it im making the ics to make it will roply about 5 mouths for you to make it. it tok about 1 year from scratch

    dude. just because you saw a p90 on warrock doent mean that this is from warrcock. A p90 is a reall weapon not just from your game. anywy it looks nothing like a p90, also the magazine is completely different.

    the gun said no to me thats why i dont like it but its still a good gun

    i like the look of yougun and i would like to now if you would wunt to triy and seel your disines and some of mine. you could triy and email thm by

    awsome gun to bad i domt have enough pieces to make

    no,its not,it is a smg made by fn,every boxy gun with a thing that goes up in front does not mean that it looks like a p90