Knex Ipod 4th Gen Dock

Introduction: Knex Ipod 4th Gen Dock

I got bored one night, so i started looking for knex docks for random things.
There was nothing for the 4th gen ipod nano
I decided to make one
p.s. this is my first instructable so dont critisize much
p.s.s. I call it the "Chariot" because it looks like one.

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Step 1: Gather These

you will need:

6 blue rods
2 small white rods
3 yellow rods
2 red rods
6 white connectors
5 yellow connectors
4 green conectors
2 red connectors
1 orange connector

Step 2: Make These, Simple Enough

make 2 of these each

Step 3: Still Kinda Simple

not that hard to make and really no explanation needed''''''

Step 4: Make This Next....

make this piece next

Step 5: ...then Attach

next you just attach it to the other piece like this

Step 6: Remember These?

Remember these?
attach them like this

Step 7: Almost Done

just make this
it is the last piece!

Step 8: Connect the Last Piece

just connect it like this and your done

Step 9: It Should Look Like This...

When you put your ipod on, it should look like this..

Step 10: Or This

or this
and your done

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