Knex Killlerk's Tr18 Custom!!

Introduction: Knex Killlerk's Tr18 Custom!!

About: five finger death punch 4 the win!!!

This Is It!

completley standard ......apart from these mods!

the mods ive done:

new stock (from killerk's tr8)

slide action cocking handle

new trigger (unbreakable)

simple bipod (so simple that even a baby could make it)

all these mods make the gun stronger but do not affect range or accuracy.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    lol the stock isn't even right a midst all the other non-custom stuff


    What I see here is an almost EXACT copy of KILLERK's TR-18. I honestly fail to see any major differences between his and yours. And the trigger is long outdated on your gun, use the latest TR-8 trigger; it works a million times better. I am not trying to de-grade you gun but thats the truth, you gun looks almost exactly like KK's gun.


    *PS you might want to put the photos into a slideshow so you dont get the admin.