Knex Lancer




Introduction: Knex Lancer

just thought I would make a lancer as there has not really been too many so if you would lie me to post it then post a comment and please comment rate and subscribe                                                  

shoots around 40-50 feet but I will properly test it once I have my new rubber bands I have ordered should be here by the end of next week so

 !! please comment rate and subscribe !!



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    dude if the saw part move that would be a 10/100000000000000000000000000LIKEABOSSSOCOOLAWESOMEEPICNESS!$@@%#^%^&%*%&*%^&*^(^%$#!@#$%^&

    I know this is a really old topic, but how does the trigger/What pieces make up the trigger, Don't worry if you can't remember I'm just wondering because I wanted to build this and the only part I don't under stand is the trigger.

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    If you can get that chainsaw working without sacrificing looks, this will be amazing.  Otherwise, it is merely great.  4*.

    Eh, pretty cool, but seriously, I wish people would stop saying "Should I post?".
    If you want to post it, post it. If not, don't.