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Introduction: K'nex Laptop Cooling Table

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Here's how to make a simple cooling system out of a bunch of knex pieces.

I used a lot of purple pieces and triangular support pieces to make this, but I'm sure you can come up with your own way, if you don't have these pieces.
This table is supported by the outer walls, and what is inside the middle (like the triangular pieces) doesn't really matter, as long as you are able to support the sides.
Therefore, if you make this, with the triangular pieces, go ahead and play around with the arangement of the triangles.

The extra back support isn't needed, just there because it looks kinda nice and I was planning on gluing some rubber or something table-adhesive-not-permanent-ness wise on it to keep the whole thing from slipping.

This is my first instructable!

Step 1: Make the Pieces

Make these halves.

Put them together.

Rock on.

Step 2: Rock On!

woo hoo!

I stuck some cooler things from my fridge to help cool the computer.
Also, I'm thinking of making a cooling system by wiring water and some cooling substance like nitro... whatever inside copper...

well... thats for some time in the future when I actually feel like spending some monies.



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    wouldnt it be more efficient and prevent overheating with some small pockets to put ice cubes in? my laptop often gets to about 70 degrees C, due to gaming, so a cheap, efficient knex one is in line for making!

    hey, i like, here is a picture of my knew laptop cooler/ riser i never made an instructable so i will add it as a comment on yours to help inspire other!

    Photo 56.jpg
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    cool cool, thanks, I'll try that once I get an external keyboard fo this mac.

    you should get one of those cool new wireless ones! would match your macbook pro perfectly! i personally recommend the razer pro|click 1.6 mouse great for any kind of design work!

    sweet, 1600 dpi'ness could be rockin, especially for photoshop and illustrator. thanks!

    also, if your looking for one cheap the razer diamond back is exactly the same mouse but in different colours,so the drivers are fully mac compatible, you can find diamondbacks cheaper on ebay also, i have two of them!! _

    bah, i gots me a wacom tablet which also has a mouse thing so no problem now ;D

    heh, i have a mouse and a keyboard/mouse set from GearHead, havent been dissapointed yet! (the seperate mouse is switchable 500/1000dpi and the one in the set is 800)

    i wish i had a macbook... my laptop does look like an older white iBook G3 or the iBook G4 :D (some odd brand... Averatec)

    its not too bad... especially since having a mac seems to be more of a status symbol these days now... besides, I've been a mac person all my life but i still would prefer a nice asus that can run Crysis over this sometimes...
    I even have windows on my mac!

    hm, i, typing this on an old iMac G3 (333MHz, 192MB RAM) I want to get a BlackBook, aluminum and white are nice, but black is just.... better

    This is the best instructable i have seen for a looongg time!!! Nice work!

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    cool, ill show this to my cousin. maybe if i remember. he'll probably like it. cool instructable!