Knex Light Hybrid Crossbow




this is my first instructable so please be consrtuctuive with your comments and leave your is a hybrid (hybrid means a cross between to things) crossbow/sniper as it has a crossbow look and design but sights and trigger like a sniper (although most real snipers dont use block triggers).
28 blue medium rods
4 grey long rods
4 black long rods
4 long red rods
4 small white rods
1 tinys green rod
2 yellow 1/2 white circles
6 tand 1 clip connectors
17 grey 1 clip connectors
85 red 3 clip connectors
59 green 4 clip connectors
4 1 clip
ball joint connectors ( 1/2 a ornag 2 clip connector
can shoot 60-70+ feet
black (sharpened if you want ) rods as grey rods bend and snap easier.


Step 1: Crossbow Arms

crossbow arms:
pic1-make this by atatching 17 red connectors to a grey rod and sapcing them like this.
pic2-there is 11 of these. they are green connectors with a blue rod atatched.
pic3-atatch them all onto the part you made in pic1.
pic4-looks similar to the other one but its the other side so follow the steps carefully.
pic5-make 11 of these. they are green connectors with a blue rod atatched.
pic6-atatch them all to teh part you made in pic4

Step 2: Crossbow Barrel and Block Trigger

crossbow barrel and block trigger:
pic1-atatch 6 red connectors onto the two grey rods and then slide on the block trigger.then add and another 10 red connectors in the same way as the first 6.
pic2-atatch these green connectors in this spacing order.
pic3-then add these ones on the other side (don't get confused ive only turned the barrel around).

Step 3: Attatching the Arms to the Barrel

attatching the arms to the barrel:
pic1-clip the arm onto the side of the barrel making sure that the 4 blue rods are with the 4 green connectors and the 5 blue rods are with the 5 green connectors.
pic2-now attatch the other arm to the other side.

Step 4: This Is Just a Small Step

atatching a small green rod:
pic1-attatch a small green rod to the fron of the barrel*

*-the front of the barrel is the part which has four green connectors first.

Step 5: Adding the Sight

adding the sight:
pic1-add these to the front and back making sure these tan clips are in this position.
pic2-make 2 of these (1 for the front and 1 fort the back)
pic3-clip the two grey connector on each side onto the blue rods (at the fornt and back) a side on pic is next>
pic4-here is a side on pic. as you can see the grey 1 clip connectors are glipped onto the blue rods.
pic5-this is the same as pic 4 but from the other side
pic6-same again,just a different angle.
pic7-here you can clearly see both sights in place/position.

Step 6: The Back Handle

the back handle:
pic1-put 11 green connectors onto 2 red rods like this and in this spacing order.
pic2-then add these 9 red connectors like this.
pic3-do the same on the other side.
pic4-this handle then clips into place at the back (remember the back is the part with no small green rod attatched to the barrel.
pic5-this is a pic from the back of the gun to give you a better idea of where it clips in.

Step 7: The Front Handle

the front handle:
pic1-build this peice.its on a red rod.
pic2-another pic of pic1.
pic3-build this peice.
pic4-another pic of pic3.
pic5-another pic of pic3.
pic6-join the two peices together.
pic7-another pic of pic6.
pic8-attatch this handle to the barrel.
pic9-here you can see more clearly where it is atatched.
pic10-now youre almost finished this is what your gun should look like just now....i hope it dose =)

Step 8: The Elastic Band and How to Fit It

the elastic band and how to fit it:
pic1-here is a pic of the elastic band i used.The knot is not needed it was just left over from my last gun.
pic2-fit it like this.
pic3-loading the ammo and another pic of the elastic band.
pic4-another pic of the elastic band.

Step 9: Loading and Firing

loading and firing:
pic1-load the ammo (you can sharpen it if you want). black rods are stronger so try and use them.
pic2-pull the rod back and make sure the elastic band dosent ping of.
pic4-destruction from another angle.

Step 10: The Finsihed Gun

the finished gun:



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    35 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Um... how is this possibly a light crossbow. And i hate to break it to you, but all crossbows have triggers. Just lettin you know.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    crossbow + sniper = this??? i dont think soo this looks like a knex pizza box lollol minus 1 rating dude this isnt cool

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I recon it looks pretty cool. I haven't built it, but I think it might go pretty well, but if theres a trigger or whatever, take it off and just pull it back like a bow and arrow and it'll probably work better.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Rocket launcher coming pictures of the actual gun have been posted incase it is copied but i can show you the destruction it made ( just look at the hole on the left hand-side). once the rating of this gun goe sabove 5 i shall post so theres something for you to ai for...

    C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\Kodak Pictures\2007-08-05\100_2219.JPG

    11 years ago on Introduction

    lol not cool i agree with danny lol this is kinda crappy srry


    11 years ago on Introduction

    oh yeh and killer k,if you had of built my gun or even read it porperly then youd notice its a hybrid - hybrid meaning a cross between 2 things. this is a crossbow hybrid of a crossbow and sniper.
    and yes it shoots stuff and it shoots stuff far unlikethe killer k pistol which shot a bullet about 10m.

    2 replies
    killer kstf13

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    10 meters u must suck with his pistol i got his to go 136 feet with a costom sniperrod so idk wat ur talkin about and u say this is a combo of a crossbow and sniper dude this looks like a sheild combined with box mag frm a SAW machine gun lulz


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i wont flag you cause i know you normaly dont act this way... probly want to delete your comment, or say "sorry..."

    4 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    stuff like this pisses me off tho when he goes and calls gorkems gun crap when its the most powerfull crossbow MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!

    killer kDanny

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    dude wickys big crossbow is way mor powerful than yours i shot mine over 130 feet with normal power wen i pulled it back realy realy far i shot it like 160+ but gorkems is good i got it to go threw to sheets of cardboard

    killer kKaiven

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    dude i seen him slam people like this b4 go to that knex gun that is titled pistol and he slammed som one really bad


    11 years ago on Introduction

    id just like tom say sorry to anyone i annoyed but plz stop posting such bad would you like it if i done this to you.