Knex M16




About: hey im just a person who likes to play with knex and make gun i have already made some but did not put them on instuctables my life is skateboarding and hanging with friends and playin with knex but im buzy...

this is my m16 i made it i give 80% to the knex gun builder and i might post instruction im not sure atm but hope u like it and subcribe and comment plz
1#the gun
2#the firing pin
3#the firing pin pulled back
4#the mag
5#the ammo
6#the sight

pros =)
great mag (never jams)
nice to hold
looks great
good size
cons =(

uses lots of knex
mag only holds 6 shots but you could make a bigger one if people want me to post instructions
sometimes a shot might not go very far like every 20 shot don't no why yet but is very good (90%) of the time



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