Knex Machine Gun





Introduction: Knex Machine Gun

this is my knex machine gun

Step 1: Chain

make the chain

Step 2: Gun

make the gun

Step 3: Assembley

put gun together

Step 4: Loading

how to load



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    67 Discussions

    It's got no barrels its just the walls of the firing chamber.

    Nice gun, although I don't have enough of those pieces to make the chain! Looks cool though!

    3 replies

    i onlt cuold make 7 shots you might only be able to make 3? ho knows

    u dont need motor u could go crank. that way u control extact speed.

    this is a good gun but its a chain gun not a machine gun

    yeah this gun is pretty cool, simple, but theres not much speach in it. id like it if you could put more.

    p.s. i might use this for a more detailed gun, if its ok.