Knex Magnum





Introduction: Knex Magnum

it works like a magnum 44 and shoots yellow rods

for mlcad users:

This is more of a concept gun people

Step 1: The Barrel


Step 2: The Special System

make tis

Step 3: The Trigger

make these

Step 4: Put It All Togadder


Step 5: Add the Rubber Bands

a very smal one and a strong one



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    need help on step 1

    guys if u giv it a blue rod 4 a hammer and move the band 2 the end its easier to pull down and more powerful. worth doing :)

    Pull it back and you see a small hole between the hammer and the top of the barrel. Put you ammo in there.

    it doesn't work none of your guns work there horrific

    1 reply

     when you add stuff on the gun or take it off, put it in the steps, and you could have said it was a concept on the intro........

    anyway, just built it and it works pretty o.k.! =)
    thanks for sharing this

    what's this? a hammer gun that actually works WELL? the world must be ending!