Knex Pistol Rifle




Introduction: Knex Pistol Rifle

About: i like knex ,4 wheelers ,and trucks

knex pistol rifle



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    this instructable is very poorly made, all you typed was knex pistol rifle? this is just a pistol with stock, krwchampion2 said.

    I'm sorry man but your outta the game. if you want to make something that people are going to want to build, you need to check out some other guns to see what you puny little slide show is going to be up against so you know what to post and if its no better than the gun next door then you shouldn't be posting it because we dont need ten thousand useless k'nex guns on this site.

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    mikstr2, everybody has to start somewhere. that is probably chris mayo's first gun, i was proud of my first.



    What dose it shoot? How far dose it shoot?it's good but basic.Sorry about my noobyness.

    Hmm. Normally I'd agree to get the blame off my back, since I'm a backstabbing sonofabitch like that, but with whaleman, I'm not so sure.