Knex Plasma Pistol and Energysword

Introduction: Knex Plasma Pistol and Energysword

About: I enjoy creating.

good range for a gun that size
good combination
good for halo fans

energysword not that sturdy

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Step 1: First the Energysword

-gray 16
-yellow 1
-blue 1
-red 4
-white 30
-black/green 25
-gray 50 ow
-snowflake 7
-red 8
-green 8
-blue 3d 4
-y connectors 4

Step 2: Pointy Thing on the Bottom

just follow the steps

make 2

Step 3: Part That Conects to the Pointy Thingy

make 2

Step 4: Handle

really awesome handle

Step 5: Blade

cool blades

Step 6: Let's Put It Together

time to bond

Step 7: I Hope You Enjoy Your Energysword


Step 8: Plasma Pistol

looks real
cons cool l
cool looken
-blue 3
-white 14
-black/green 21
-snowflake 1
-yellow 7
-green 27 wow
-y connectors 4
-tan 2
-shinny blue 1

Step 9: Handle and Trigger

follow the pictures and you'll be good
true trigger

Step 10: Barrel

not sure what to write :Jo

Step 11: The Part That Makes It Look Like a Plasma Pistol

the design :J)

Step 12: Time to Connect

putting it together

Step 13: Enjoy Your Plasma Pistol

please enjoy your halo weapons

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    14 Discussions

    I made the gun and it did not shoot. Soooo i modified it to be a rubberband gun that shoots and makes a cool noise, and holds ammo on the side. Reply to tell me what you think!

    knex and friends 038.JPGknex and friends 039.JPGknex and friends 040.JPG

    9 years ago on Introduction

    yah i like the pistol i made it and its sweer but i dont really like the swords sry!!!!
    but both are cool so thanks for sharing

    Mr. Muggle
    Mr. Muggle

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I hate the plasma pistol in halo, it's the baddest pistol there is. But anyway your stuff looks good, your plasma pistol is better because you don't have to charge it


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    the PP in ODST is helpful when i only have that and an automag against brutes, and it is somewhat helpful in halo 1

    Mr. Muggle
    Mr. Muggle

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Better than the plasma pistol in halo, you don't have to charge this one for a good shot

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Both look cool, the energy sword looks a bit too wide however.