Knex Pocket Rocket




mid- sized gun with decent power. A 9 round hopper, scope (just for looks), and true trigger. P.S. if you have any mods/options/ideas please post them in the comment box.

Step 1: Make the Handle

follow the pic

Step 2: Make the Trigger

1-3. Make Theese
4. put the first two together like this.
5. add the third piece.

Step 3: The Body

1. build this. p.s. make sure you read the notes some are inportant!!
2. a close up of the left side.
3. a close up of the right side.

Step 4: Make the Hopper

1. add theese to the body
2. make this
3. connect em'

Step 5: Make the Ram Rod

follow the pic. if you cant do this then you should probably delete your instructables profile and yard sale your knex. LMFAO!!

Step 6: Get It Together.

1. Add the handle.
2. Add the trigger.
3. sniper option.

Step 7: Cocking and Firing

1. pull the ram rod back and pop in the block trigger (safety)
2. push up on the trigger to deactivate "safety".
3. aim and pull the trigger to fire!



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I have a new gun coming out 3/22/03 and its by far the best gun ive built yet its sort of like a cross between a corssbow and a rifle . and it will get 75 to 100 ft.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Step 1

    thanks for the 18 peices instructions because i dont like to count lol


    11 years ago on Introduction!/!!!/*NEW*-magazine-system/