Knex Pump Action Assualt Rifle





Introduction: Knex Pump Action Assualt Rifle


Knex pump action rifle simple and works well. please comment and rate.

true trigger
very good range with a few rubber bands.
quick to reload
mag that doesn't have a pusher sticking out the bottom
ten shot mag
can be loaded from the front when the mag is empty without knex fulling out of the mag

rubber bands are hard to put on
takes ages to refill the mag

Step 1: Make the Barrel

this barrel came from the MES V-A1 Sidearm

1. make this
2. make this
3. make these
4. add (3) to (2)
5. add (1) to (4)

Step 2: Make the Magazine

this is my magazine where bullets can be loaded from the front without dropping out the mag. it holds 10 grey / purple connectors.

1. make this
2. make this
3. make this
4. connect to barrel

Step 3: Make the Barrel Cover

making the side covers for the barrel.

1. make these
2. add them to the barrel.

Step 4: Make the Top Section

how to make the top part of the gun, mainly for strength.

1. make this
2. make this
3. join (1) and (2) together

Step 5: Make Other Peices

how to make part of the trigger

1. make these
2. add them to the gun
3. make this
4. add it to the gun

Step 6: Make the Pump Mechanism

this isn't all the pump but its the important bit.

1. make this
2, 3 attach it to the gun
4. make the firing pin
5. add it to the gun
6. end of step

Step 7: Make the Trigger

this is the rest of the trigger

1. make this
2. connect it to the gun
3. add grey rod

Step 8: Make the Handle

1. make this
2. make this
3. join (1) and (2) together.
4. attach to gun

Step 9: Make the Pump

this is the part of the pump that you hold

1. make this
2. attach it to the gun

Step 10: Make the Stock

the stock is not required, if you would prefer not to have it skip this step

1. make this
2. make this
3. connect (1) and (2) together
4. add (3) to the gun

Step 11: Rubber Bands, Loading and Firing

nearly there!!

rubber bands
1, 2. put rubber bands on firing pin
3. put rubber band on pump
4. put rubber band on front part of trigger

5. open mag and put grey / purple connectors in. DO NOT PUT MORE THAN TEN IN AT A TIME.
6. put pusher in, close magazine and put rubber band around pusher.

you are now finished, remember tell me if any bits of my instructions are hard to follow and i will fix them up.
thanks fo building



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    106 Discussions

    I found it can also shoot white roda

    Cool I built this 1-2 years ago it worked great!

    The one that shows the iron sites is upside down so i can gwt it where u can see it


    I also made it stronger

    I made it and loved it but i dont like the stock so i made the stock from the sk 27 battle rifle on u tube and i added iron sites and a flashlight on the side so its like a cool CIA thing o can give u pics if if u like

    This gun is awesome! I tried to build it, saw it was messed up, rebuilt it because one of the red pieces in the front was blocking the ammo, rotated it, and it's done! Gonna need some heavy duty rubber bands. :)

    ohhh right sorry it dont it wont it get stuck 1/2 way through the barrel!!!!!!!!!