Knex Pump Action Shotgun




fires blue rods with magazine has pump action and true trigger. quite powerful here is the video

Step 1: The Frame Part 1

this is the very front of the barrel

remember to put the grey and black pieces on it.
make two of each part of the frame!

Step 2: The Frame Part 2

this is the very middle of the gun even though its only the 2nd out of four segments of the frame.

remember on pic 3 to put a grey and tanned clip connector on the pump stabalizer thing!

Step 3: The Frame Part 3

this is the bit that leads to the stock.

you can make it as long as you want.

Step 4: The Frame Part 4

this is the stock.
make it.

Step 5: Connecting the Frame

connect the segments of the frame together.

Step 6: Putting the Connectors on the Frame

this step is simple really you just need to put orange connectors on the weakest parts of one side of the frame like shown below.

you don't have to do it the way I did but remember to leave a gap between the back and the front of the barrel.

Also put a blue rod at the very front.

Step 7: Finishing the Frame

this is the part when you finish the frame!!!!(finally!)!
just take the second part of the frame and click it onto the first part of the frame that has all the orange connectors on it.

the last picture is the completely finished "frame of the gun" you will have.

Step 8: Trigger and Wire Up to the Block Trigger

this step is just measuring out some string (the right amount) and putting some connectors on it.( i suggest making the barrel and putting it on then measuring the right amount of string from the trigger to the bit on the barrel that you can tie the string onto)....(and thread through the block trigger)...(not the actual trigger that you pull)

Step 9: The Barrel

this is the barrel.
you can put whatever connectors you want on it as log as you use the same numbers. So i advise you to use mine because it works(i proved it cos it worked in the vid) and because it'll be easier to put together since you'll know where to put the connectors.

Step 10: The Pump

the pump is quite easy.

Step 11: The Magazine

the mag holds 8-10 bullets and has a "pusher-downer-thingy" to push the rods (it takes blue ones) down into the barrel.

Step 12: Firing Pin

really simple!

Step 13: Putting Everything Together and Adding Rubberbands

put everything together.

Step 14: Your Finished!!

congrats your finished



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    thank you for introducing me to maximo park
    now my favorite band of 3 years

    slipknot 666Skreetsha

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    maximo park - apply some pressure. i'm gunna pull the old dusty ps2 out after this and play burnout revenge that was my favourite game its EPIC!

    i remember makin this along time ago, i think its kinda weak, so i made it so sturdy, it was unbreakable(unless you take it apart of course) and it was epic, nice gun though

    knex_mepalmAn Villain

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    normally pumps would be for shotguns or ARs so they are not rifles which mean they are better in those conditions...