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this is the knex rifle I showed as a forum. it was mainly designed for looks and has OK range. its barrel is detachable and reduces range when has a carrying handle which is also detachable, and a bipod. it uses a basic hopper to load as I am not very good at designing new hoppers. feel free to alter or add to this design.

Step 1: Main Barrel

put together main barrel parts and combine.

(ignore extra parts in picures 4 and 5)

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

construct handle and trigger sections and add to main barrel

Step 3: Ram

making the ram

1, make these bits
2, close up.
3, make this
4-6, combine
7, add to main barrel

Step 4: Stock Part1

this is probably the longest and hardest step, so pay attention to the order of the pics and the orientation of the parts

1-4, make this part
5-7, make this part
8, make these
9, add them
10, combine

Step 5: Stock Part2

continue making the stock

1-2, combine.
3, make and add this
4, make this
5, add it
6, put on the orange connector
7, make and attach this
8 make and attach this

Step 6: Stock Part3

the final part

1, attach this
2, attach this
3, put these on
4-5, put through ram and onto barrel
6, attach black y connector

Step 7: Hopper

building the hopper.

1-3 make this
4 make this
5 combine and add to barrel

Step 8: Supports

construct the supports that go from the stosk to the main barrel

1 construct upper supports
2 construct lower supports
3 combine and add the grey connector
add to the stock (pic4) and the hopper (pic5)

Step 9: Carrying Handle

constructing the handle

1-3, construct the handle
4-7, attach onto hopper and supports

Step 10: Barrel


1-2, build this
3, build this too
4 build these
5-6 combine them
7-8 add these white connectors
9-10, make the front handle
11, attach
12-13, make these
14-15, add them
16, slide grey (or orange) rods up through the bipod
17, attach to the hopper and
18, add orange connectors.

you don't have to use the barrel, just don't attach it.

Step 11: Adding Bands

attach rubber bands to the ram and trigger as shown. the ruberbands are the same on both sides.

To fire, take off the hopper cover and load in up to 12 blue rods.
(11 for best performance) puul back the ram by pulling on the two yellow rods, and pull the trigger to fire.

Step 12: Other Stuff......

check out my other stuff..

my target

my pistol



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    Strangly I wasn't tired when I got up 6 hours later. Sadly the performance of the gun isn't that great even with eight beefy elastic bands, maybe because it needs a shorter barrel.


    yeah, the end of the barrel can be removed and it increases the range, but takes away from the overall look. and also, if you load one bullet at a time it should fire better, because of less friction.


    The major drawback of this gun is that its effective with 12 bands as a gun that uses only 3. So somehow all of that power is being wasted.


    9 years ago on Step 11

    you your gun is asom rely relay asom y have make your gun;) i am so happy:P


    10 years ago on Step 1

    i dont get the second last and last picture... they look NOTHING alike...

    1 reply

    Nice gun!!! I would make the gun if I had enough parts...I also just made my first gun and it doesn't shoot very far(6 feet). It is single shot and it uses a block trigger connected to a trigger at the handy part (sorry drawing a blank). If I add any more rubberbands the ram rod will break. Can anyone give me any advice? Oh and sorry for the long comment...

    2 replies

    Put a Y clip ar a tan connector right before the end of the rod but before the connector on the end. This stops the end connector from slamming into something and breaking off. Like KNEX BUILDING IS FUN's idea, but using a knex piece instead of a band.