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Yes, the actual gun is a shotgun, as someone kindly pointed out. This is the shotgun from no country for old men. It shoots a maximum of seven green rods, or and rod for that matter. I think its four white rods, two blue rods with some space, two yellow (just) and a red or a grey rod.
This could well be my last instructable, because im putting my knex away for a while. However if I am inspired enough, then I may make another gun.
This is by far my favourite gun I have ever built.

Step 1: The For-barrel

This is that big grey bit at the front of the gun, which holds all the ammo. I will take some pictures of other availabilities, as I'm sure a lot of you wont have enough yellow connectors to make my version.

Step 2: The Front Grip

This is where your left hand will hold and support the gun when firing, that is if you fire using your right hand.

Step 3: The Long Barrel

This is a barrel just like dsman197256's dd-27 but mine has a difference.
1. It's much longer
2. There are two grey rods in the barrel.
these grey rods are how the gun will fire. The firing ram is pulled back, the ammo rod pushes these two rods back, the ammo is loaded then fired. The energy transfers though the two grey rods, striking the ammo, sending the ammo everywhere, whilst the two grey rods remain fixed into the gun.

Step 4: The Barrel (continued)

Because it's that big.

Step 5: The Handle

This a handle that is really comfortable and supports the gun, both when carrying it, as the man does in the movies, and when you are about to fire then damn beast.

Step 6: The Body of the Gun

This is just the rest of the body of the gun, such as the trigger unit and the barrel connections. The trigger mechanism is the same as my chainsaw rifle, as I find it easy to make and works quite well.

Step 7: Connections

This is where you can finally start putting everything together.

Step 8: Elastic Bands

This gun utilises a very good elastic band. About a foot long and half an inch wide.

Step 9: Damage

This is just a bit of the damge my gun can do.
Bearing in mind the box was full of rubbish and old toys belonging to my brother.

Step 10: And for Anyone Interested in Film.

I will be making the gas cannister the nice man uses.
it wont actually fire, but if you hold it up to someone's head,
then press the trigger, the ram will stick into that big head of there's.

I'm not going to post instructions, maybe a slide show.
Unless i get a high request for it.



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    I have easily got enough yellows but not enough y connecters. good gun btw 4.5*. I give that result because theres no mag. But, I suppose it is a shotgun. 5*.

    Any chance of a parts list because i reckon i have enough pecies but im ordering more anyway and just in case? And by the way guys change the subject!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I apologize for the above statement, my brother commented using my profile, I do use proper grammer and i would apreciate it if you would start a new thread so that I do not receive an email every time someone puts in their two cents.


    well your bro is kindof rite that shotgun would not be easy to silence but a combat shotgun is a totally different storry they can ,with the mother of all silencers, be silenced


    For God's sake, stop replying to the same thread! Go tell somebody else that my brother is right but note the above statement and stop sending them to Me! I get an email every time someone like you doesn't read the whole post and I'm tired of it!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    to silence any firing pin-based knex gun, simply add a cushion to the part that stops the firing pin (i prefer duct tape and a bunch of kleenex, cut perfectly to keep the firing pin from hitting the gun, and yet not obstructing the firing pin)

    An Villainzimster42

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    you also hear the sound of the pin hitting the ammo and the pin and ammo sliding along the barrel.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Nope. I think it's silenced. When you hear the noise it makes, you'll see what I mean.