Knex Shotgun




the gun you will be building 2 shots at a time not the best but good
dont forget to rate

if wonto mod it just let me know and it will be fine

Step 1: Step1

just make 3 of this

Step 2: Step 2

the pink rods are the blue rods

Step 3: Step 3

then add the chamber

Step 4: Step 4

then add part on to the handle

Step 5: Step 5

in this step just add the part from step 1 and the same chamber

Step 6: Step 6

in this step all you do is add the last part from step 1 then you have made the gun

Step 7: Ram Rod

this is the ram rod tape is alot stronger so i think you should put it on the end (where they both meet)

Step 8: The Mag

this is just so that the ammo dont fall out of the bottom

Step 9: The Ammo

this is the ammo



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    3 Discussions

    An Villain

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Why is it only in blue and red? It reminds me of the Instructable for the "K'nex Bow" which was done up entirely in MS Paint.