Knex Single Shot True Trigger Pistol





Introduction: Knex Single Shot True Trigger Pistol

This is my first knex gun design on this website.Hope you enjoy it and dont forget to rate!

Step 1: The Barrel

It is very easy all u have to do is to follow the pictures. And sorry the pictures are blurry.

Step 2: The Handle

Easy follow the picture. It is a easy handle to build.

Step 3: The Trigger

All A have to do is to connect the first two white rods to both the grey connectors. Then you slide the last white rod through the hole of the grey connector. Last u connect the small black thing on the rod that is through the hole then connect the broken orange connector to it then you connect the not broken orange connector on the bottom rod. And the second picture where the 1 way connector is, is where the trigger go's

Step 4: The Ram Rod

easy like ice cream on pie.LOL!

Step 5: Now Connect It

Almost done. The second picture where the 1 way grey connecter and the orange and blue rod is at do the same thing on the other side. Just slide the blue rod through the hole of the white circle connector.

Step 6: RUBBERBAND TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Now you have to put the rubberbands on. Then your done!



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    7 Discussions

    dude this is a cool gun but you forgot to mention the ammo

    the pics are blurry, but it looks something like another gun on the site...