Knex Slingshot Sniper





Introduction: Knex Slingshot Sniper

This is my new knex slingshot sniper rifle that i made it is a mix between the srv1 and my other slingshot sniper rifle that i made and this gun has a different trigger and different ammo and shoots alot harder i made this gun because i dont have enough knex yet to make the srv1 but after christmas i am going to buy all the knex to make the gun. i hope you like the gun please rate comment and subcribe.



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    thx you could call it that it was meant to use ammo with a red connector and a red rod but i wanted a srv1 but never could make one cause of my low piece count

    Oh, you dont need a high piece count to build great knex guns though. Besides you would build incredible guns either way knowing or not your piece limit.