K'nex Space Alien Battle Ship




Introduction: K'nex Space Alien Battle Ship

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knex video from www139 on Vimeo.Hey everyone! www139 here. Our 6 year old brother made a k'nex space ship! He made the thing [almost] absolutely by himself and not with his k'nexing brothers (well maybe here and there)! and he wanted to share it with you guys!



Blue               56
yellow:           53
white:             24
light grey:      5
red:                 2


grey:              58
red:                44
yellow:          36
green:           30
white:             5
blue:               1


3 green cones
5 green hubs

If you have all those parts, then fly (or scroll) on down to see the rest!

PS:  sorry! no instructions  :} 



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    i used to build airplanes that would cover the top bunk of my bed (slept on top, though it was hard) and pretend to fly in it and shoot at the enemy. ☺