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this is the new knex splodies grenade that i invented after making your name heres splodies, these are great if you make lots of them for a knex war and the good thing about these is they do not fire spacers as most grenades do but fire rods. ps: this is my first instructable :)

Step 1: What You Will Need!

this is what you will need

Step 2: Start Building! Yay!

for this you will need 8 yellow rods and 2 snowflakes

1. snap the yellow rods into the snowflakes

2. after you have done that it may not be alligned so put it on a hard surface and push the snowflakes down with your fingers :)

3. you will now have this

Step 3: Time to Make It More Like a Grenade you will need to add the orange connectors to either end BUT! you will need to stagger them as shown in the picture you will see why later will now need to make the projectiles these are quite simple just a orange connector added onto a yellow rod add a rubber band onto the end of the orange connector on the projectile

5.look very closely you need to hook the rubber band from the projectile onto orange connector on the body of the grenade much like the original splodie make sure that the sides of the rubber band are not in the slots of the snowflake

6.this is what they should look like (the red rubber bands are added to stop the splodies detonating i suggest you do this)

Step 4: Finishing Off

1. this is what the finished splodie grenade should look like to use it just take off the rubberbands (red in the picture) and grasp it tightly in your hand (this will keep all the splodies from firing) and toss it lightly when it hits the ground it will fire sending rods bands and connectors flying in two directions

these pair up great with the mortar somone else made i cant remember his name -.- watch my video on youtube anyway now you can add other things to it i had an idea of clipping 3 or 4 together the choice is yours use your imagination i hope you have enjoyed this instructable and i hope i will make more in the future bye!



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    the dog2

    9 years ago on Step 3

    i did it right and it will not go off.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! and very efficient, cuz it holds a lot of splodies in a small package. And it looks pretty nice too, maby I'am gonna try to make al launcher for it (I already tried to make a launcher for other heavy grenades, but they didn't work :(. Ah wel I just try again :P

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I made one quickly, threw it, and in midair it detonated like 2 feet from my face... (ow...)