Knex Sword V4 (zamorak Godsword)



Introduction: Knex Sword V4 (zamorak Godsword)

I finally finished my v4 it is a replica of the runescape zamorak godsword.  I am surprised it was the first one published. (not including hiyadudez his is just called a "godsword") I am sorry but I will not post due to the fact that my fingers were hurting horribly after I made it the first time.  You might be able to make it from the pictures but I am not reliable for any idiocy done with this weapon.

looks awesome

hurts to make it

two handed



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    if u wana be able ta get 1 on rs fish swordfish and then sell en for a lot of money:D(i got 600k so far but i cant seem to keepm it ali:P)

    2 replies

     its a replica blade its made more on looks then strength (its still pretty strong though)

     1. it is awewome
    2. it is strong
    3. if you dont like runescape then dont comment about it some people like it

     i should attempt to make another GodSword (maybe zammy or sara, mostly zammy)