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2 months ago I saw this video for a knex crank shaft. the motor was not strong enough to launch the white rod. so I had a idea to use the motor to pull back the ram. this is what i came up with. its not very powerful but is a machine gun with no chain.

this is my first Instructable so be nice.

the instructions are done

please post any mods for a different motor.

update the gunbot 2.0 instructions are hear!!!! ya!!!

because not every body liked the mg and and i have many other things i could put on it the body is know going to be known as the bot and the mods determent the name so the first bot is gunbot.

mod can be posted on this forum

instructions for knife bot 2.0 hammerbot 1.0 and 2.0 drillbot 1.0 and pushbot 1.0 (working on name)are not going to happen!!!!
not many people commented that they made it or that they cared about these bots being made. i have moved on to a rubber band shooting robot that can fire 6 rubber bands at a time. i will post the instructions for the mod for the bot to make it fire rubber bands. the robot will have its own insructable. it will be able to turn, have hands that will move, and have two of my automatic rubber band shooters. it will be done with cyber knex motors(if i can find them on ebay but i haven't had much luck). all that comes to 8 motors. i hope it will work.

it worked... kind of. i did not use the cyber knex motors. i used the control-a-bot motor that i had laying around.

it is here.!!!!!!!/

Step 1: The Gun Part

easy to follow. look at notes.

this part is needed for all the bots

you should see the gunbot 2.0 mod even if you make a different bot.

Step 2: Hopper and Barrel

most important thing on here. it had to be able to drop the green rod in all by itself with out a rubberband because that would put to much stress on the motor(it is already stressed because it has to pull the ram back and move the tank). the instructions are almost step by step adding one peace at a time. some times it will jam but don't touch it the hopper shakes every time the tank fires.

Step 3: Put It All Together

easy step

Step 4: Loading and Firing

look at the pictures and i added a video.

the first video is part one loading.

the second video is firing

Step 5: My Guns

all my guns... except ipods killers sniper(taking apart) gorkems sniper(trying to build) and my moded killerk magnum(safety reasons

does any one want me to post my moded cylone?

Step 6: Gunbot Changes for All Bots

there are still some bugs to work out but it is more powerful and is beter looking. it is more powerful because it only has to turn the gears and not always the chain so when normaly the wheel would luck up the chane stops moving puting less stress on the motor.

first build all of the origirnal except the two grey rods that have the wheels on them

this is a good mod for all bots

Step 7: Knifebot 1.0

it is stronger and faster then gunbot but it has a knife insetad of a berral and ram



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    Ksayer, oodammo pistol(Working on it), TD's asault rifle thing he posted in the forum not to long ago, DD-27 3.0(Still not done...)

    Nice, pretty creative avatar.

    Your arsenal looks good, just that little pistol(KillerK's?).

    I forgot to mention that I have two of the 18 barrel things made...

    It's not my avatar, it's from an album, "The blueprint 3".  Here's a single from the album:

    The little block trigger pistol is actually Mepain's shotgun mod to Killerk's pistol, it shoots 4 yellow rods in one trigger pull.  It gets good ranges, around 40-45 feet.  The block trigger is very comfortable and easy to use.  Here's a link to a video:

    Lol, the BR is 8 barrels, not 18.

    The big 18 barrel turrents bacon made, i forgot i had two lieing around.

    NYPA made the exact same spelling mistake you did.  Its "Turrets".

    I made the 8 shot turrets.  I am gonna take apart the bottom rifle soon, its pissing me off.  Anyways, what do you think of the youtube videos?

    and i easily have over 1000$ of knex with the prices at

    i estimate that each pieces is around .25$(some more some less but .25s a good guess). i have a estimated 13000 knex so 13,000 * .25 = 2,833.33$!

    then why didnt my 50.00 motorized madness ball machine that has 2100 pieces cost me over $500?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    actually, no. there really my dads knex but i am free to use them. he has collected them over the years with other building materials(like legos and fishertecniktoys)