Knex Tape Dispenser.




Introduction: Knex Tape Dispenser.

This is a knex tape dispenser that uses not many pieces. the tape slides on 2 grey gears nice and smoothly.


not many pieces used
looks good
fun to use


you may have to use a scissors or something to cut the tape

Step 1: Make the 2 Sides

simple, just make these 2

Step 2: Make the Insides

make these 2, the tape wheel and the front

Step 3: Add the Insides

add the 2 parts on one side

Step 4: Get Some Tape

put the tape on the grey gears

Step 5: Add the Other Side

simple, add the other side

pic 1: side view
pic 2: top view

Step 6: Your Done!

thank you for building my knex tape dispenser. have much fun with it!



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    If it had a cutter it would be better