Knex Termantor Sniper Rifle Its 100% Acurate




Introduction: Knex Termantor Sniper Rifle Its 100% Acurate

i give half cridet to knexfreak360 for handel and trigger this gun is 100 perenct acurat olny if u use red rods
1 shot
front of barral is flopy kindve
looks cool
true trigger



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    ya i can say my gun is 100% acurat and then ill be a noob it doesnt take a mad scientist to know no gun fires straight (EXCEPT Lazers but thats in process of being perfected)

    1) Spell check. 2) No K'nex gun will fire a rod in a straight line. And as DJ said, accuracy depends on the user. Even if it didn't, this would not fire anything at the same point in space every time you fired it.

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    This is bogus and fake. Accuracy percentages depend on the USER, not the gun. All the gun does is determine how far you can shoot it to exactly where you point it.

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    its not fake i made it my slef and i do aggree well i made another gun like this but it has a gun and a sniper rifle all combiend in one im going to post it soon