Knex Tf2: Flying Guillotine

I had to use photo booth (because I'm on my Mac), but they turned out quite nice!) :D

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Step 1: Make the Handle

First, make the handle using 1 green rod and 1 orange connector (straight).

Step 2: Make the Blade: Part 1

Now, make the blade out of 1 yellow connector, 1 white rod, 1 yellow rod, 1 orange connector (angled), 2 green rods, and 2 green connectors. (it sounds like a lot, but it isn't!) :D

Step 3: Make the Blade: Part 2

Insert 1 orange connector (straight) to the blade part 1.

Step 4: Connect the Handle and the Blade

Connect the handle and the blade like so in the photo.

Step 5: Done!

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