Knex Toilet



Step 1: Make the Toilet Top Half

your finished the top half

Step 2: The Bottom Half



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    Lol, now I just need a K'nex sink, bathtub, and shower head to go with my new K'nex house. Seriously, now they have an 'Ible for a K'nex chair, table, video game shelf, cabinets, and now a toilet. In my K'nex house I can have all this stuff, and maybe some gaurds armed with K''nex guns. I can drive a K'nex car..... Ride a K'nes rollercoaster. Oh boy...

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    you forgot the knex dog. Lol
    have you any ideas that i could of things that i could make easy but cool.
    it doesent have to be made out of knex

    Oh. Well, let me think......... You want easy, huh? But cool. Well, why not make a model of James Bond's Walther PPK (Sometimes called PP7 or P99)? You can make it auto load through the handle, like the real model gun. If you want I can show you some pics of how the real gun loads, how it fires, how to make it automatic. Interested? Message me.