Knex Tomahawk/hatchet





Introduction: Knex Tomahawk/hatchet

a simple but sturdy knex hatchet

Step 1: Blade

1.pieces this

Step 2: Handle Part 1

1.pieces this 3.add these

Step 3: Finish Handle

1.pieces this 3.add these

Step 4: Assemble and Finish

1.take this 2.add this you have this. 4.add blade 5.thus shows you where to put it



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    what do you think that is not so great about it so that I can improve my desighn

    It's ok, just a little too simple. But it's good to have a new builder, and the fact that you would like to improve it shows that you care about doing well more then many people. There are only so many ways to build a tomahawk, and while this is well done, it's not new.

    If you have more pieces, you may want to try to build some K'nex guns, if that interests you.

    This is a pretty cool design, and the more you post and build, the better you will become. :)

    thanks so much for the feedback! I love doing knex guns and am working on a crossbow pistol right now, but I do not have that many pieces.

    hey, so the crossbow pistol did not work out (I know that was a long time ago XD) but I do have 2 other knife designs (both are simple because yet again, I do not have that many pieces) so if you would like to check those out I would love that.

    İts a tommahawk and a axe at the same time.


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