Knex Uneversal Dock




Introduction: Knex Uneversal Dock

About: i am a kid who loves makeing things. oh and my name came up when i ate a cupcake LOL. and i have alot of knex. sub to me plz

This knex dock can hold many stuff like Nintendo DS,game controllers, TV remotes,And at last Ipods. this is my first instructable so go easy on me.

Step 1: The Base

follow the pics

Step 2: Make 2 of These

follow the pics

Step 3: Just 2 Pcs Left

snap em together and your done. you can put more stuff than i put on



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    really? even tho this was months ago, im still gonna sell them! how much is your offer? (EURO)

    kool, i had in mind about €200 which is $279.20...(there really worth like €500 lol) ill probably lower the price by a bit if you are definatly going to buy them. have you told you parents? ill have to ask mine to put it on ebay for me or something...

    read above... ill sell them for around like $200 if you want i can give you pics tommorro.

    probly should have said this earlier but a link to the topic please when it's posted