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this is my v8 32 vavled diesl i made it 32 vavles cuz i wanted it to be different ive been working on this for a while and ran into numerous problems i have been working on it tho a little bit more so i hope to get done in a while but i doubt it



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    is it a static or "working" model (just moving parts obviously you can't use gasoline with plastic that is as airtight as a siv)?


    It is coming along very well!! I see the empty middle lol. You just might have the best engine on here when youre done!! It is more complex than a VTEC V6 I built once, but was stupid and did not take pictures of it!!

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    I understand, those valves look soooooo complecated, and to think I could build just about anything out of knex. Ya know I might try to build a new VTEC V6 out of knex, or a Cummins diesl or maybe even a powerstroke V8 diesel. It looks like your trying to build a powerstroke anyway, but with 32 valves.