Knex Basket



Introduction: Knex Basket

simple basket

Step 1: Base

follow pic

Step 2: Sides

follow pic again

Step 3: Connect

connect sides and base to each other at bottom blue and purple

Step 4: Corners

add reds

Step 5: Finish

finish by adding blues on top and red connectors



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    8 Discussions

    it was originally going to be a quiver for my bow and arrows but couldn't make a good strap

    I just use real cloth left over from previous projects like curtains.

    back on topic: Good and simple basket. Easily heightened from a red rod's height
    to a grey's if I ever needed to. 5/5

    just had thought if changed bottem to one hole square and made everything else in that size but same basic design tada pencil cup

    this could be modifed for a ball machine take the panel of and ball goes throu

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