Knex Bow

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this is a knex bow i made. Its my first instructable so don't say it is crap. its pretty powerful bow i have only been using one elastic band. Tell me if you want me to post it.( :

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    guys knex bows are pointless save up 80$ and buy a real bow. my 30 or 40 lb bow can shoot through roughly 8 sheets of card board and keep going. what do you think it can do to people 0_0 good bow though.

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     I totally agree but the crossbows are pretty cool not to mention powerful for k'nex. I break planter pots whit them, with ease. And killed an old window with one from across the street. Still, real bows are better.

    arrow shot

    10 years ago on Introduction

    people need to make more 'real' bows, with rests, not holes. It is hard to get the knex peice on the bowstring/rubberband without an orange connector, and orange connectors dont fit through the holes

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    the ammo piece can attach a orange connector to it but you have to but it in the opposite direction then nomal