Knex Cut Off Saw




Introduction: Knex Cut Off Saw

Should I post?? It works really well. I don't want to take the time to post a instructable if no one likes it. Ask any questions. It is not geared yet but I am working on it.
The next thing I am working on is a table saw.

It is posted:

My grill is to.



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    check out the knex V8 engines that ppl have designed...they almost all use a drill for power...maybe u can find out how it works if they have an intructable or video.

    this is a mitre saw and the stand needs to be alot different it needs to be able to turn to different angles to the fence and the saw itself needs to be able to slant at different angles

    By "Cut off saw" I think you mean "mitre saw".

    Thanks I'm glad you like it!! I added a table saw attatchment on ,but I only have one motor so I have to change it out. I'll try to post this weekend.


    That is funny that you suggested that because I thought of the same thing right before I checked my emails. But I can't figure out a real way to use the perpendicular gear on both the table saw and the cut off saw. If you can figure it out let me know.

    kl. if you could bare to sharpen a perfectly good gear on the edges so it has a very fine edge, then you could cut stuff! :)