Knex Inline Four Cylinder REVISED

About: please ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ i am a drummer i have been drumming for 3 years i have been doing knex for about 5 years i am a very avid hunter i rifl...

i just wanted to have another go at it i am using diff. cams to see what i like better

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    11 Discussions


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I agree,it is called a inline engine in Europe, you have also a V-engine, a W-engine, a boxer engine and a Wankel engine

    But there is always one thang that still bothering me:
    every high performance V8 build in th U.S. has an underlying camshaft while the most European or Asian has an overhead camshaft, and even a double overhead camshaft.
    So, what's that about?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Might have something to do with the fact that the engine in a Corvette (well known for a V8) is a truck engine, I believe.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    possible, but the boring/stroke length comparissen is the difference:the one with more stroke length compared to the boring are made for much torque at low rpm. but the ones with a short stroke but with big boring are made for high rpm.

    beats me maybe their is a patent thing that they wanted to bypass so basically just built it upside down. i have no idea that is just my best guess