Knex Pick Up Truck With Suspension (kinda)

Introduction: Knex Pick Up Truck With Suspension (kinda)

This is just a knex pick up I made, i wanted to start out small with my instructables. I hope you enjoy it and sorry for some blurry pics.

Step 1: The Front Part

Ok, on this step we'll be making the truck bed and the back wheels with suspension (kinda). The suspension is really bad, but oh well, this is my first truck.for some reason it's not letting me put notes, so i'll just tell you what each part is.
picture 1: make this. it's peice 1.
picture 2: another view of piece 1.
picture 3: Make piece 2. (back axel)
picture 4: piece 3. make it. now.
picture 5: another view of piece 3. (ignore the background)
picture 6: Piece 4. (yes, it's different from piece 3)
picture 7: connect 3 and 4
picture 8: build the top part and the bottom part. (i'm sorry, i messed up on the middle part.)
picture 9: build this.
picture 10: connect these two. i'm going to continue this on a second step.

Step 2: The Back Part Continued

the last step was getting crowded, so i carried it on to a third.
picture 1: connect this part.
picture 2: make this part.
picture 3: connect part one onto the combined part 3 and 4.
picture 4: another view.
picture 5: put piece 2 here.
picture 6: put two grey connecters to hold it loosly in place.
picture 7: add a rubber band.
picture 8: put the door on.
picture 9: put the part you made in picture two through this hole.
picture 10: remove these two white pieces.
picture 11: what it looks like shut.
Your done with the back!

Step 3: Front Half

Now we'll make the rest of the car.
picture 1: make this. it's piece 1.
picture 2: blurry, but slide a white piece into the holes of the connectors on piece 1.
picture 3: piece 2.
picture 4: close up on piece 2, it has a white rod with a tan clip in it.
picture 5: piece 3.
picture 6: piece 3, second view.
picture 7: piece 4.
picture 8: piece 5.
picture 9: put pieces 4 and 5 on the bottom of piece 3.
picture 10: second view.
picture 11: piece 6.
picture 12: put piece six here.
picture 13: add these red pieces.
picture 14: add a rubber band.

Step 4: Front Part Continued.

picture 1: add piece 1 onto piece 3.
picture 2: add piece 2.
picture 3: the two parts connected.
picture 4: add at the end of the red rods the following: one gray two clip connector, 1 blue spacer, 1 gray gear. (this is put on the side closest to the axel)
picture 5: make this. i forget what piece we're on, so this is the new piece 1.
picture 6: piece 2.
picture 7: pice 3.
picture 8: connect them all together.
picture 9: make and gather.
picture 10: make both of these.
picture 11: make both of these.
picture 12: connect these two.

Step 5: Front Part Continued AGAIN

picture 1: add this part.
picture 2: add this part.
picture 3: repeat from picture 10 on the last page until you have two mirror imaged doors.
picture 4: the new piece 1.
picture 5: make these.
picture 6: connect them here.
picture 7: put that piece you made earlier on the red rods.
picture 8: attatch the door.
picture 9: and the other one.
picture 10: slide the green connector part back and add piece 1.
picture 11: Add large tires and grey connecters to the axels.
picture 12: connect the truck bed here...
picture 13: and up here.
picture 14: what the door looks like closed.

Step 6: Your Done!

thank you for viewing my instructable, and please comment. Sorry for any confusing instructions, miss spellings, and/or blurry pictures.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    i think it is one of the best trucks ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please reply back)


    11 years ago on Step 4

    here's a better picture for pic 4.